Fold, collated, saddle stitched, 1 hole drill, boxed
Cover Types
- Self cover (80 or 100 lb glossy stock)
- 14pt card stock cover (Hard cover)
Special Instructions
Both cover types add up to 28 pages
Saddle Stitched
Saddle stitch staplers or simply saddle staplers
Real Time Quote
8.5" x 11"
Paper Type
Full color 2 sided
Fold, saddle stitched, 1 hole drill
5 Business Day
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San Jose Calendar Printing
We offers a range of turnaround times for calendar printing in San Jose. On our express digital print service, we can deliver your printed calendars to your doorstep 2 days after artwork has been uploaded. For more constrained marketing budgets, we offer a 2-3 working day turnaround as standard for calendars. In all circumstances, our calendars are printed carefully and delivered by our trusted courier service. We are able to deliver next day anywhere in San Jose.

The calendar quotation above allows you to select from our most popular paper weights, sizes and finishes. However, we completely understand that some customers want something a little bit different for their San Jose calendars printing. Whether you're looking for a specific calendar size, calendar shape or calendar finish, just get in touch by phone or email and we'll make sure you get exactly what you want.

We are proud to offer top-quality calendars at a price that no one else could beat. Whether you're looking for something tasteful and traditional, or modern and creative, we have got your calendar printing covered.

Great calendars are key if you are promoting yourself or your business. They'll help you be remembered for the right reasons. We've seen a lot of calendar designs come and go over the years so to make sure you and your calendar leave the right impression, we thought we'd offer 3 handy tips to bear in mind when it comes to designing your calendars.

When it comes to calendars, less is more. Simple, elegant designs that make clever use of the space are the order of the day.

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