Books & Catalogues
Fold, collated, saddle stitched, boxed
Cover Types
- Self cover (80 or 100 lb glossy stock)
- 14pt card stock cover (Hard cover)
Special Instructions
- For quantities of 250 or less, the saddle stitching will be on the portrait orientation only
- Number of pages ordered includes the cover pages
Saddle Stitched
Saddle stitch staplers or simply saddle staplers
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Full color 2 sided
Saddle stitched
5 Business Days
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San Jose Book & Booklet Printing
Information about our Book and Booklet Printing in San Jose. Please use real time quote calculator to get the latest Book & Booklet Prices page. We can produce beautifully printed booklets and books in full colour. The printing orientation of your Book or Booklet can be landscape or portrait. San Jose Book & Booklet Printing . Number of pages in a Book or Booklet. Some people who are unfamiliar with printing get confused over the meaning of the word "pages" of a booklet (sometimes thinking it means "leaves"). If you imagine that you are reading a book with numbered pages starting at page number 1, then when you turn the page the other side is page number 2 and so on – this is what we (and the rest of the printing industry) mean by pages. When printing and binding a book and booklet we need to have a number of pages which are divisible by four. The minimum number of pages for printing a booklet is eight – four pages of text and a four page cover. The cover can be on the same material as the text (this is known as a self-cover booklet printing). When you are answering the questions on our price calculator page, please let us know the total number of pages in your Book or Booklet including the cover. Choice of paper and board for San Jose Books and Booklets We offer a choice of printing on 80 lb and 100 lb gloss paper.

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